88-91 USDM Civic/CRX Headlight Duct (Turbo Variant)

  • 88-91 USDM Civic/CRX Headlight Duct (Turbo Variant)
  • 88-91 USDM Civic/CRX Headlight Duct (Turbo Variant)
  • 88-91 USDM Civic/CRX Headlight Duct (Turbo Variant)

Decrease the intake air temperature your engine receives with our 3D printed intake duct that replaces the factory headlamp. The duct features an integrated headlamp with high beam functionality, as well as a running light. This variant is intended for turbo or k series equipped EF's. Please note: trimming some sheet metal is required in order for this duct to fit.

Our headlight duct is made from ABS unlike other offerings that utilize lower grade materials that are prone to warping like PLA or PETG. Many OEM's utilize this material for parts that reside within engine bays due to the high glass transition temperature of ABS. However, ABS is not UV resistant. Therefore the duct should be cleared or painted if your vehicle is normally stored outdoors and exposed to the harsh sunlight.

The buyer is responsible for assembly and wiring. Electrical wiring and soldering skills are required. A wiring diagram will be provided with your purchase. All electrical components are pre-tested and confirmed to be functional prior to shipment.

If you would like a UV resistant duct out of the box, We can upgrade your BLACK duct to ASA for an additional $20. ASA has the same great thermal properties as ABS, but is UV resistant. Use this link to add the upgrade to your cart. https://www.efbmotorsports.com/product/headlight-asa-material-upgrade
Again, if your vehicle is not a daily driver/ stored outdoors, this will not be necessary.

Typically all orders are made on demand, please expect 1-4 weeks for us to process and ship your order. Please specify in the notes at checkout if you would like signature confirmation for your delivery.

Included parts are as follows:
1x Intake duct
1x Bi-Xeon projector headlamp assembly and associated hardware
1x day time running light
1x spring nut
2x M6 nuts
7x M4 bolts
1x H1 Slim LED Bulb (6000k)

Items needed for self wiring:
Wire cutters
Wire stripper
Crimp tool
Heat shrink assortment
16-22 AWG male/female crimp connectors
Soldering Iron
Braided loom (Optional)

If shipping is not available to your region, DM or email us. We will see if we can ship to you.

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