88-91 CRX HVAC Gauge Bezel w/clock cutout

$3.00 - $44.00
  • 88-91 CRX HVAC Gauge Bezel w/clock cutout
  • 88-91 CRX HVAC Gauge Bezel w/clock cutout

This is a 52mm gauge bezel that replaces the factory center dash vent, while retaining a clock cutout below the gauges. The gauge bezel is printed with a high quality ABS filament. Many OEM's utilize this material for parts that reside within engine bays due to the high glass transition temperature of ABS.

The gauge pod clips into place using 2x replaceable clips. Each pod will come with one spare set of clips, for a total of 4x clips.

1x Gauge Pod
2x screws
4x replaceable clips (total)

Optional (+$3.00)
4x additional (8x total)
Optional (+$3.00 ea)
Gauge Cover - Blank or Vented

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Please note you should not install the clips until all your gauge wiring is finalized. The clips are designed to break upon removal of the bezel, opposed to the alternative; breaking off pieces of your 30+ year old dashboard.